UK Endocrine Pathology Society & Pathological Society of Great Britain Online Audit Survey of Follicular Thyroid Lesions
Welcome to this website. It's purpose in 2012 was to conduct an online audit of the reporting practice for static images of thyroid follicular lesions. An online form was completed by participants by referring to the images of each thyroid lesion and by then clicking on the links to each image on the left hand side of the website and then entering the preferred diagnosis into the online form on an answers page. 
This website was aimed only at pathologists who are members of the UK Endocrine Pathology Society or Members of The Pathological Society of Great Britain. It was not aimed at the public in general or at other medical professionals.
The results of this survey were presented at a UK Endocrine Pathology Society Meeting in 2012
Prof Tim Stephenson & Dr David Poller, 4th April, 2012 
Revised 11th April 2018